the other day, i brought migi with me to the church. he wanted to wee2x so i accompanied him to outside. just outside, there’s these 2 skinny boys, just a little taller than migi, and i think they’re around 5-7 years old. they teased migi ‘tambok, tambok.’ i found it really funny. migi does not understand it yet so he did not mind but he tried to push the boys. of course being a good mother, i reprimanded migi and tried to get him away from them. but the boys followed us, and they’re pinching, hitting migi. i did not bother to stop the boys because boys will be boys, and so that he’d also experience how it is to be on the receiving end. migi is the bully in our neighborhood.

but then one of the boys grabbed migi’s butt. that made me tell the boy in a loud voice, ‘ayaw ana, dong.’ then, i moved faster so we can get away from them. but then the said boy ran after us, and this time he grabbed migi’s behind and front. that really made me snap and release the tiger in me, i could not help but shout at the boy, ‘kabastos nimo oy.’ i’m fine with the punching, kicking, and hitting but touching the behind and front is too low. i think it’s just so sick for kids of their age! probably, they don’t know what they’re doing but i could not let that pass.

what pissed me more was that after i scold the kids, they did not even show any remorse. and, they continued to make faces, and bully other kids in the church. i  thought that these kind of kids can only be found on movies. but they do exist in real world.

i never experienced being bullied or even witnessed kids bullying each other. so the incident get me into a lot of thoughts.
* basin i just don’t know that migi is also like them or maybe grow up to be one like one of them. i know migi is a ‘bully’ but not bully in that he would intentionally go around and look for victims. he tends to be rough when provoked. he’s not the type who would go around and hit kids or verbally insult kids. really, he’s not a bully. (hahahah… defensive mother)
* i could take kicking, hitting kind of bullying. because i think boys are like that. i could take teasing but not to the extent that it might result to some psycho problems. but any bullying that suggest sexual is just soooo sick!!! is this normal with boys?
* i’m scared that migi will be bullied but i’m more scared of migi as the bully. the latter is giving me palpitations. i’d feel i’m the biggest failure if that’d happen. sheyt, this is scary!
* thinking of it, aside from prayers and guiding your child, there’s nothing much i can do. i cannot be guarding him 24/7 for the all of his growing up years. i’m sure the parents of those 2 kids do not know that side of their kids.

gawd, those boys are giving me nightmares!!!