over the weekend, i finish reading from last to first pages of 2 blogs i just newly discovered.

the first blog is a mommy blog somewhere in USA. it makes me want to go out of the country, and to feel how it is to live and blog from a 1st world country.
* imagine me blogging from japan. i’m always fascinated with japs and their culture. their gizmos and gadgets (princess ariel is that you?).
* or, imagine me blogging from dubai or saudi arabia — are they the same place? what will i be if i’ll be there?
* or, imagine me blogging from germany. and, then i’ll talk big time about football and such.
* or, imagine me blogging from england. england, london, uk, wales — i cannot seem to know what’s the difference among them? are they the same? and, then i can be some intellectual elite there. not really elite but maybe the intellectual part. or, maybe i can go to all their castles, and museums. though, i really don’t know how to appreciate displays in museum.
* or, imagine me blogging from down under. not aussie. i’m talking about new zealand. i’ll be running after my sheeps in the big wide open green space. my kids will play rugby, and queen elizabeth is our queen.
* or, imagine me blogging from canada. i have relatives there – winnepeg(sp?), manitoba(sp?) — i don’t know which is the state and city of the 2. but i find canada boring. oh please don’t ban me from your peaceful, low crime rate country. =)
* or, i can blog from USA like mommyblogs. but i like to be in the westcoast, in the orange county (OC), or laguna beach. i’m imagining suburb kind of life — think desperate housewives slash OC. then, i’ll blog about my shopping at walmart — i can’t get the connection. or, maybe in the silicon valley — smooching with the google gods. and, is steve jobs from there also? i’m imagining free wifi everywhere. =) and, their oh so celebrated thanksgiving day!
* for now, i can only blog about the flags hanging in the streets because Independence day is coming. =)

the other blog is by a single female specie with a wonderful career. imagine ‘single life’ — fun and party and whatnots from night until the next night. i badly miss just hanging out with friends and talk about anything under the sun — chismis to politics, to family stories, little or big problems, regrets/frustrations, and of course about BOYS — in some sosy coffeeshop/whatnots or in some 24-hour neighborhood bakeshop or even sa ‘kilid2x lang.’  i can leave my kids to their ‘ates’ and go out with my friends but then it will never be the same. there’s always this nagging thought/voice at the back of my mind wondering — ‘are my kids asleep now?’ ‘maybe they’re still waiting for me?’ ‘hope they’re not giving their ate a hard time.’ ‘where is that firetruck heading? hope it’s not near our home.’ — such a party pooper!

i can invite them at home but then we can’t talk that much. imagine kids screaming/crying at the background. then, i have to excuse to attend to some my kids’ demands. most of the time, i’d just have the internet entertain my friends. neglectful friend – me so guilty!

=) =) =)