To the makers of brain-boosting milk (post-mother’s day special)

Dear Meadjohnson, maker of Enfalac/Enafpro/Enfagrow/Enfakid:

I’m having such not good days lately with motherhood, raring(sp?) kids. Since, I overrant about my kids, and it does not sound so nice ranting over and over again about them. Let me pick on you this time.

Kindly upgrade the packaging of your milk formula in cans. To those childless and not users of this formula, please see pic so you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about.

To open a new can, I need to have a knife/scissor to remove the foil (you cannot use can opener here). Plus the cover of this is the typical which you need a spoon/fork or something ‘para iligwat’ — so frustratingly inefficient technology. To think you market your formula as having ingredients that are building blocks of brain. Are they blocking your brains?!?

Other milk brands are using this cool ‘pull tab’ (like the one in coke cans), why can’t you have this? Also, they also use plastic cover (not like yours which you need to ‘dokdok’ to have it closed) for easy resealing. Why can’t you do this? You don’t come cheap so I think you can put some budget for this little upgrade.

Following make my blood boil:
* I cannot count how many times I cut myself because of your old-tech, 80’s technology of packaging. I cut myself from the scissors/knife I’m using to open the can. Or, sometimes I’m in a hurry that foil is not perfectly remove thus ‘hait’ edges. I can sue you for manslaughter but still alive.
* Imagine, in the middle of the night, a kid is screaming at the top of his/her lungs because she/he wants to drink milk. When, you open the can, no more milk! So you need to open a new one. Before you can open it, you need to look for knife/scissor, and in opening it hurriedly you cut yourself in the process. Screaming child and a cut finger do not paint a beautiful picture.

Be grateful to my blind brand-loyalty, and I’m still patronizing your product. But I’m only human, if I can ran out of patience with my kids, then the more with you. So please upgrade or else, you’ll lose 0.000000000000000315 sales. Migi will soon turn 3, I can say goodbye to your follow-up/on milk, Enfakid. And, I may not use you with my future twins/triplets/quadruplets. Bleeehhh!

Motherhood does not come easy (to me). So, Meadjohnson, that little upgrade of your packaging can be a wonderful help. It will be a good mother’s day gift.

Belated Happy Mother’s Day to everybody!!!