Senatoriables Review (a repost)

my position in politics is not left, right, nor neutral. i’m indifferent to it. since i cannot vote, i’ll share this review, which i got from geus. hopefully, this will help those who are still gazing at the open space about who/whom to vote. this will be my little help to our country. =)

i may not agree to all stated in the following review but this is a great quick guide.

Voting for them

  1. Dr.
    Martin Bautista (Kapatiran)
    – a gastro-enterologist who had a lucrative
    medical practice in the U.S. yet opted not to apply for a
    green card. Instead, he has constantly gone home to attend to the Sakada’s
    (landless sugar workers) of Negros.
  2. Zosimo
    Paredes (Kapatiran)
    – former executive director of the
    presidential commission monitoring the Philippine-US Visiting Forces Agreement.
    He resigned his post in protest over the release of Cpl. Daniel Smith from a
    jail. Wasn’t an easy
    thing to do as he went against the will of the powers-that-be. Forsaking wealth
    and power for principle is a rare occurrence in our political landscape.
  3. Adrian
    Sison (Kapatiran)
    — has a fairly flourishing career as a
    lawyer specializing in family law and taxation cases. He could have just sit
    back and reap the rewards of an honest day’s work and be indifferent to the
    socio-political upheavals of the land.

More than
their individual qualifications, these three candidates are unique since they
are advocating for a party-based, platform-oriented, and issue-specific politics
which has been lost to Philippine politics for over a decade. The two main
coalitions (Team Unity and Genuine Opposition) are a hodge-podge of political
parties bereft of principles and draws strength solely on the personalities that
populates its membership.

Based on Track Record

  1. Sonia
    – she is her own person. She is an
    educator and a staunch advocate for women’s rights. She should serve as an
    antithesis to Miriam in the senate.
  2. Joker
    – I was disappointed that he joined TU.
    Nonetheless, he has proven himself time and again to be a maverick — taking
    sides to issues on the basis of his own principles rather than that of the
    party. His years as a legislator, human rights advocate, and freedom fighter
    will provide wisdom a Senate bereft of it.
  3. Edgardo
    – a brilliant legislator and an
    academician. He has authored some of our country’s landmark legislation
    including the Education Act which paved the way for the publics access to
    education (e.g. free high school). Much like Joker, his brains will be highly
    useful to an otherwise intelligence-challenge Senate.
  4. Kiko
    – whether his running as an independent is
    a political strategy or a principled stand, it shows this guy has – at the very
    least, guts. He has also been very instrumental to enacting reforms to the
  5. Noynoy
    – he has not inherited his father’s
    eloquence but he did inherit his common sensical views and perspectives. It
    shows in the way he answers questions.

Vote at
your own Risk (Might be Worth it)

  1. Francis
    – his eloquence will enliven the debates
    that is a must in the Senate. He’s idealism is suspect though as he maintains
    strong links to Danding Cojuanco and Erap which are perceived to have plundered
    the country.
  2. Manuel
    – his business acumen will help the Senate
    in legislating economic reforms.

than Nothing

  1. Ralph
    – I had him together with Escudero and
    Villar – until that Vilma hullabaloo exposed him to be nothing more than a
    traditional politician. He does have a good background on the economy.
    Depending on how you view the passage of the VAT – he authored it.

Vote at
your own Risk II (Might NOT be Worth it)

Loren Legarda –
used to hold her in high esteem. Now all I
see is an opportunist and a political butterfly. She does have a streak of
intelligence which has served well in helping craft important

– he has shown some semblance of sense and
reason in his stint as a senator. His stand on human rights remains suspect
though (i.e. ghost of Kuratong Baleleng robout still

Vicente Sotto
– Surprise! Surprise! He IS a political
butterfly and he IS an opportunist. Having said that, he has thorough
experience in local governance, has studied in Harvard, and has authored the
Family Code. Will wonders never ceased?

Law of
Polarity — Vote Only if You Feel the Country is Hopeless and you plan to
migrate to another country and never come back!

  1. Mike
    – so young and so corrupt. Just ask DENR
    and timber loggers.
  2. Chavit
    – so old and so corrupt. Whatever happened
    to the Tabacco tax he siphoned with Erap?
  3. Richard
    Gomez/Cesar Montano/ Migs Zubiri
    – they are
    wanting to be voted to a position that is way out of their league. They
    completely embarrassed themselves in “Isang Tanong”. Migs was asked about how
    he would recover his campaign spending while Richard was asked about his
    position on a parliamentary form of government. Their answers were so far off
    they would have been better off saying “I don’t know”.
  4. Kiram
    – token candidate from Mindanao. An insult to Muslims and mindanaons
  5. Osmena
    and Oreta
    – will forever be enshrined in the annals of
    our history as the “balato” twins.
  6. Gringo
    – he has charisma….that’s about it. Had
    done virtually nothing in his previous stint in the senate.
  7. Trillanes – a young Gringo
    without Gringo’s charisma.
  8. Prospero
    – an insult to the vegetable and all
    vegetarians. He could have used the millions he spent on TV ads planting camote
    and he would have served a better use.

==> from a forwarded email

Enjoy voting, and take care!