Liking BIR

Dealing with BIR people is not that bad. I guess I was just clouded with my prejudices before that I always find fault when I’d been to their office for some inquiries and help.

I find that the key to getting the best help from them is to go down and deal with them on a personal level, chika2x level. Also, it helps to get some references from people who knows who to ask in the BIR office. Why did I not know these before? It’s so typically pinoy. =)

For those who have plans of being active with their tax and suchness and you do not know much about how our tax system works, the BIR in Mandaue holds something like Q&A session/seminar every Wednesdays, 1-4PM. You can just go there, and shoot questions to the lecturer. Their answers might not really be that detailed or complete but at least you’ll have a general idea for starters.

Also, you can ask for some tips from seasoned bookkeepers. They know the who’s who. =)

anybody here knows the in and out of VAT? =)