i hate migi yesterday

* during their snack time, he was throwing tantrums because he saw his other classmates having chuckie as snacks, and he wanted chuckie too. the other day, we bought some chuckie at supermetro mandaue, and he finished them all before we got home. then, he’s throwing tantrums because he’s not having any chuckie?!!

* he saw his classmate with a spiderman toy. and, he wanted it too.

*he wanted to get rid of his diapers

* their teacher brought them to the playground, and when it’s time to leave the place, you already know what happen next to migi who is so ‘ignorante’ sa mga slides — hilak, ligid to the max. and, then naka-ihi on his pants. and, it took time before he calmed down.

and all eyes were on us. sos kon wa lay gatan-aw, ako na syang gibiyaan ug gi disown! me bad, i can be a cruel mother. there are times, lots of times, that you’ll lose your cool, and i’d rather leave than might do something worse… stubborn mama + stubborn papa = monster kids. =) so i really can’t blame my kids.