i also have tantrums

i know other people have bigger problems, and so is the world. but please let me have my ‘teenage angst’ moment.

i’m tired!

10am-12pm:  migi in school. why do they somehow make it a requirement to have  a guardian accompany the kid at school? his ‘ate mona’ is pregnant and does not feel so good with commuting so i have no choice. and, mark has this, ‘i told you so’ (he never like the idea of this schooling2x)
after school: go home
then back to the city for errands and stuffs to take care of.
and, there’s the gym. yes, i make it a point to. this time, not to slim down. i gave up on that slimming thing. but to maintain my weight.
around 530pm: home. kids all over me.
8pm: start to relax the kids and prepare them for sleeping time. watch a 1-hour movie. i’ll try to sleep this time.
9pm: tv off. lull the kids to sleep. migi easily dozes off. with meg, it takes 1 hour. so meg usually sleeps at 10pm
1030pm: log-on to computer for work. my shift is only until 5am but sometimes i need to stay up to 7am by choice or not choice. by choice, because of the effect of caffeine, i cant bring my self to sleep. by not choice, sometimes i need to finish something. and in between work, there  is meg, crying, puking, and what not. really, it’s draining. imagine, you’re in the middle of solving some urgent problem, and then there’s meg crying, and won’t stop unless i get to her or else she’ll puke. 
7am-830am: suppose to be my SLEEPING time. but kids started to wake up at this time, and poopoo time. for whatever reason, they only want me and only me to wash their ‘bobot’. so, yes, i need to wake up just to wash their bobot. and, end of my sleep because i need to prepare for schooling and suchness.

so at little provocation, i can’t help my self but sometimes shout/cry and roll on the floor just like when migi/meg is having tantrums. then, mark would complain that i’m being so OA and crazy.

i can’t wait for MAY to be over!!!