father’s word of wisdom

in the middle of Sunday mass, mark started this conversation that went something like:

mark: mag 3 years old naman diay si migi…
me: o. ngano man?
mark: pwede na diay sya sa 3 years old and up nga duwaan.
(i was like ‘huh?’ i was expecting he’d reply back something about how time flies so fast or about the growing needs of a growing up kid or something thought-provoking.)
and, mark added: i mean pwede na diay sya moduwa og playstation kay naa naman sya’y coordination. kasabot  naman sad sya sa mga lain2x nga movements sa guildwars. then, ka identify na sad sya sa mga gagmay nga images.
(since when did he know about child’s development — this i don’t know. he’s been pushing that PS for quite some time already. and, he’s using migi to justify of getting one.)
me: no comment kay basin makasala pa ko in the middle of a mass. rolled my eyes. wa jud klaro ani ako bana oy.