assignment: family picture

his teacher asked them to bring a solo picture and family picture this monday. this brings me to almost panic mode (exagge ra ni) because:

1. we do not have print-out copies of our pictures. the few pictures i have were given by other people or i stole from other people. and, even our wedding pictures are still not printed out.

2. as i scan the saved pictures in my computer, i cannot find a family picture of us. now, i’m thinking how should our family picture look like. mark does not like the idea of going to a studio; neither i. yes, this time i’m worried about the ‘image.’ somehow, i don’t want my kid’s teacher and his classmates to think we’re some ugly dysfunctional family. how should we pose or look in the picture? should we dress up? i’m not much fond of ‘choreographed’ poses.

a. i’m actually thinking of just ‘photoshopping’ the family picture.
b. or, maybe create a collage or something.
c. or, maybe i can print out angelina jolie-brad pitt family picture. and, he can tell the class that his adoption is in process.

(i already ran out of ideas…)