surprise for me

mark said he has a birthday gift for me already. it’s a surprise so he did not tell me what it is. it’s a surprise of all surprises because mark is not the type who give gifts or even remember special occasions.

assuming that it’s true, i’m excited but worried. the first and last gift i received from him was a computer speaker packed in a tigger bag (was it on our first anniversary when uyab pa mi?). if not for the tigger bag, i could not forgive him for giving me a speaker. i don’t know what he was thinking when he bought the speaker for me. i don’t have a computer back at that time, so it was no use. i remember, i and my roommate were questioning each other for nights — why speaker of all things? anyhoo, as they say — it’s the thought that counts.

so now, i’m worried because i can imagine his surprise gift would be something related to computer — maybe a monitor, or keyboard, or mouse, or a new internet connection, or a speaker again (but if it’s an altec speaker, i think i’d be fine with it). but i’m hoping to the highest level that it’s not something related to computer. i think i have enough of computer-related stuffs in my life.