revelation (surprise for me #2)

since, i cannot wait. and, i feel really something fishy with the surprise. i did some investigation. and, i did find out what’s his surprise.

i was brokenhearted for a moment when i learned what’s his surprise. because what he got is not what i want. but more to that, i felt like he does not really know me; he’s not paying attention to me. hahahaha. =) drama queen!

anyway, the supposed-to-be suprise is ipod nano (which can be related to speaker because you can listen to some music from it). but he did not get the model that i want, the orange clip shuffle, which i’ve been telling him from time to time. he gets the nano because he said he did not know that i like the other one. how come? i point it to him every time we get to see that orange shuffle. and then, he admitted he’s not paying attention.

i know i should be thankful for his thoughtfulness but it’s like my gift from him after like how many years so i want to demand!!!

ending is no more surprise. i have a change of mind, and i’m fine with what i have right now – his battered one-earphoned antique mini (the nano will be returned). and, i think no more surprises from him — we agreed on this.  i just have to accept that i got a man who does not have an inch of ‘romanticism’ in his body.

he just downloaded some new songs that i really like. this surprises me. he’s not really that bad afterall… =)