others’ view of cebu

i googled for ‘cebu blogs’ when one of the results lead me to this blog post of Ellen Tordesillas http://www.ellentordesillas.com/?p=531 . Most of the comments were saying that Cebu is a pro-Gloria country. Oh well, nothing new about it.

But the comment that strikes me most was about cebu having lots of jueteng lords:

  1. ystakei Says:

    September 28th, 2006 at 6:21 am


    Wala naman kasing makuha sa Cebu. Pati nga mais, the staple food
    there, is scarce now dahil ang concentration ay tourism. Pero ang
    daming jueteng lords doon!

I find it funny. Really? Is there truth to this? I know we have that masiao/bagdok or whatever you call it. My late lola was a big fan of it.

But it’s my first time to hear that we’re called home of jueteng lords… but then I only read/watch Showbiz news. =)