of weewee and diapers

* when i go to grocery, i always look forward to getting to the disposable diapers aisle. i’m probably excited with the packaging colors.

* i always look forward to opening a new pack of diapers. opening the package in NOT the ‘Tear Here’ irritates me.

* it was only until i have kids i realized that there are a lot of varieties for 1 brand. pampers has comfort, dry and the latest (here in PH) is the all-night/overnight. and, so with huggies and EQ, etc.

* basing on my kids: boys are heavy(ier) weeweer compared to girls. pampers comfort would not last long with migi. but meg is fine with pampers comfort.  (note: comfort is the cheapest of pampers. the one in orange packaging) i read from a mommy book before that pampers are for girls and huggies are for boys — my kids somehow prove this true.

* migi, being the first-born, was my subject for disposable diaper testing. i think i tried almost all brand of diapers. then i settled for pampers dry. but when pampers introduced their ‘all-night’ variety, i felt that their ‘dry’ became thinner. that’s when i tried huggies dry for migi, and love it.

* i remember, i even googled for reviews of diapers. the US does have a lot of varieties that you’d get lost.

* pampers sizes are small compared to EQ, and other brands.

* aside from pampers and huggies, i also like i-forgot-the-name. basta its package is see-thru blue.

* when i gave birth to migi, we did not bring any disposable diapers to the hospital because i thought hospitals do not allow use of disposable diapers. but i was so wrong. =)

* i use cloth diapers when migi and meg were still infants. well, my thought was that it’s cheaper therefore savings. but i’m not really sure if it proves to be cheaper and practical. but during night time, we use disposable, of course.

* for newborn size, i like the one of pro-kids.

* i think i’m the only who used cloth diapers in the neighborhood.

* i was planning to wean meg from diapers when she turned 1 year and 6 months. but one month has passed, i still haven’t started yet. i feel like girls are more difficult to train. with the boy, you can just drag him to the CR, and let his penis out. there are more steps for the girls.

* also, i can just have the boy go around shorts/briefless so he can just run to the CR or outside when he wants to weewee.
* if ever the boy weewee accidentally, only the shorts get wet. but with the girls, the panty, plus the dress. too much work.

therefore, i’m lazy!