meg vs migi

*meg is more bubbly and smiley but she tends to be very shy with other people especially to those she are not familiar to. it would take time before she’ll warm to other people.
*migi is ‘dedma.’ i can’t find much pictures of migi smiling. even when he’s a baby, people would always comment that ‘palitonon iya smile.’ when strangers are around, either his ‘dedma’ or he’d try to get their attention. one thing i notice about migi is that he tends to be very accommodating when his ‘berks’ visit him at home: give his toys, let them watch his fave movies, let them ‘babath’ with him.

*migi loves more of action movies: cars, toy story, action tagalog/english movies, slapsticks(?) movies, any thing that suggests violence (beware desensitization theory).
* while meg loves happy feet and such kind of movies.
* but they do both agree on monster Inc.