love letter to my daughter

Dear Meg,

How time flies so fast. You are now 1 year old and 7
months and 11 days. You will soon move to XL diapers. You’re now in
Stage 3 formula. You’re almost done with those required vaccines.
Almost all your clothes and shoes no longer fit you. See, you’re now a
mini grown-up. So please stop crying for no reason. Crying without
reason is for babies only, tiny babies. You’re no longer tiny. You’re
no longer cute when you cry and cry for no reason. Also adding puking
to your crying does not create more drama. It’s plainly disgusting.

remember that I’m the one who brought you into this world. I paid big
time to be sliced so you could come out. So please try to treat me like
your mother, not your slave or some lifeless stuffed toy. I’m no barney
or mickey mouse or whatever those ugly stuffed toys of yours that you
can just drag around and command to do whatever you want. I’m your
mother, I’m suppose to tell you what to do and you must listen to me and
obey me, and not the other way around. I’m no slave or genie who can give
in to every whim you have in a jiffy.

Please do not kill the
few brain cells I have. I appreciate that you want me to watch the TV
with you — bonding moments. But I have enough ‘Happy Feet,’ ‘Monster, Inc,’ ‘Barney,’ and
those baby songs so boring that they make me want to cry. So please
spare me from watching those day in and day out, and let me have some
‘me-time’ while you’re enjoying those.

Like you, I’m also a human being with some needs. I
need to poo and pee. So please do not cry like you’d lose me forever
when I do those stuffs. I also need to eat. Please stop tugging me when
I’m in the table in front of my food. I also need to sleep. Please stop jumping up and down on me
when I’m sleepng. Please let me have and enjoy these or else you’ll have a
terrible 2 mama.

And, about sleeping, kindly set your sleeping
time to 930PM. I really don’t mind having you up all night until
midnight or wee hour but mama needs to work at 11PM. I would really
love to have a one-hour power nap before going to work. Please save
those staying late at nights when you’d be working in a callcenter or
when you’re big enough to parteee.

If I carry/hold other babies, it does not mean I no longer love you. So
please don’t make a fuss over that. And, your boyfriend might not like
over possessive girlfriend.

Please stay away from your big brother migi when he’s in a bad mood.
The world will be more peaceful. Also the red/blue/green/yellow block
you have is the same with migi’s red/blue/green/yellow block so you
already have what he has so no need to get migi’s.

By the way, that person who comes home late at night and who you only
get to see most during weekends is your father. Without him, there will
be no you. He is just equal to me. So when in the middle of the night
or when I’m not around, and you cried like a pig being butchered
(because you just want to) and that person tries to comfort you, please
do stop crying and stop looking for me. He is I and vice versa. Do I
make sense? And, be nicer to him, remember you need some new clothes
and some shoes. And oh, there’s SALE this coming weekend at SM. So be
nicer to him. And, one day, you’ll grow up, you know you’ll find some
nice shoes/dress here and there. You know what I mean.

still, i can’t help but love you the way you are, crying maniac drama queen.

with all the love in the world,