dream big

my birthday is just around the corner. i already received a birthday gift because i insist/demand from her to give it to me already. i reasoned it would not make any difference if i receive it now or later .

i’m trying to recollect the dreams/wishes i made for my entire existence here in this world.
* when i was a kid, i dreamt that aga mulach and romnick sarmienta are fighting over me. this is the earliest dream i can remember. i don’t know if this is sad or not.
* i dreamt to be part of That’s Entertainment. but i no longer remember which group i want to be part of. maybe the group which Vina belongs to: was it wendesday?
* i dreamt to be pink-skinned. so i always imagine myself painted with pink paint. then aga and romnick would fall hard for me.
* i wanted to be a stewardees.
* artista. i wanted to join Little Ms. Philippines. I remember, I and my bff would act out joining lil ms philippines. saying something like, ‘hi, everybody. my name is rose blahblah. i live in poblacion badian cebu. may kasabihan po tayo, ang batang makulit, di pupunta sa langit,’ using a broom/hairbrush as a mic.
5. a doctor.
6. a teacher.
7. i also imagined myself to have big boobies when i’m adult. this is my first concept of being a big girl. my mother was a HS teacher, and she’d always tag me along to her school. it was one day while i was sitting on the ground when HS girls are running, passing me when i saw their boobies jiggle. like a bulb that lights up, i then see myself as them running with boobies jiggling.