can u hear feeling-cool wannabe highschool girl?

i’ve been listening to:

Akon – i noticed all his songs always start with Konvict/Convict. the title of his album is Konvict, and his name is Akon. so thus explains. but really, why does he need to say ‘convict’ in the intro of all his songs.
Bone Thugs n Harmony
Justin Timberlake
Lily Allen

i think this is a playlist for high school kids not for mothers with 2 kids. me hide of shame. i really don’t admit to people and still cannot accept that i love hiphop/r&b music. so instead of just writing hiphop on ‘Type of Music.’ i would add punk/ska/rock or something to that effect just so i would look ‘in.’ =) if you see my friendster, you will see —

311, FRANK, KORN, R&B, HIFFHAFF, aileen pangilinan’s type of music!!!, boybands, boyz2men, 112, pinoy novelty songs, PUNKROCK-SKA-EMO-LI’L OF REGGAE, and no to linkin park! (FISH TAYO!)

on the ‘Favorite Music’ field. it looks trying too hard to be cool. =) (of course, i don’t mean to all those who have this on their type of music field.)

if this is not enough, i once owned UMD (Universal Motion Dancer) casette tape. FYI: si Marco what’s-his-last-name ako crush.

‘Dance. Dancing with the motion. The universal motion. hot(?) on the floor.’

i’m outing the feeling-cool wannabe highschool girl in me. =)