it’s the first time we received some promotional mail from citibank which i can relate to. usually, the promos they send out are only available for the NCR/manila/somewhere in luzon people. anyhow, i’m sold to the offer. =)

i have mark subscribed to time without a blink. no, i’m not a time fan as everything is on the net. yes, it’s because of that free 3-in-1 (usb/voice recorder/mp3) mp3 player. yeah, i know it’s just some generic mp3 player which i can just probably buy at rcking but the thing is it’s FREE (not really free because you need to buy time =) but whatever it’s free). i’m not really sure what i’m gonna do with it once i get it. it’s just my female instinct being able to pick up the word FREE only.  maybe another toy to tinker for my kids. or, maybe to save files but what files. or, maybe to replace the worn-out dinosaur-age bulky ipod mini. or. maybe as a keychain.

please let me know if biktima sad mo ani nga promo. misery loves company. =)