medical arts

yesterday i was stuck in medical arts. my nanay has this pain in her left hands. so we went to some rheumatism doctor who has a tight schedule and lots of fans (patients). it could only mean waiting. while waiting:

* i fancy of becoming a med rep with all the perks i heard they’re getting, why not? but do i meet the ‘looks’ requirement? i mean not all of them are that goodlooking but they have the overall impact.
* i shamelessy ask for a pfizer suki card. actaully, i had asked a med rep ‘friend,’ which i think she no longer remembers my name but i know that we know each other,  if she works for pfizer because i wanted to ask for some suki card for lepitor (my nanay’s maintenance). unfortunately, she works for gsk. but she came back later to me with the suki card she got a pfizer med rep. gawd, i was soooo touch!
* coke vending machine. wink. wink. =)
* eavesdropping galore.