i stopped counting at 23

every time i fill out some forms and then i get to the part asking for my AGE, the first thing that pops up in my mind is 23. then i’d feel something is wrong.. something is just not right… i realized that i need to consult with the calculator. current year – 1981 = aha!

why 23? maybe because i consider 23 to be the last call for being a teenager. after that, you’re officially an adult. and, i’m not so happy to be called adult because it sounds like old. and, i’m scared with the responsibility and expecations that come along with being adult.

or, maybe because i got married at 23. after getting married, anything that concerns my self is like a blur because i’m like number xxxx in my priority list. thus, my life ended at 23.

or, maybe deep inside my heart and soul, i’m really just 23. it’s only the year that is changing.

or, i ran out of reasons already. =)

so what numbers do you put on the AGE field?