High School Muse

i was going thru some files when i found some old pictures. i
thought of posting this as my tribute to our ‘upcoming high school
reunion.’ =) we’ll be 10 years next year. 10 years? wow, quite long time ago. =)

see, i was and am a natural model… model for craziness/shamelessness. i believe we’re 4th year in here because of the red shirt. red is seniors? intramurals cheering.

i should have been the muse. well, our muse won. but with me, we’ll have a perfect winner muse. =)

puti ayo ako rubber shoes. bag-o jud ning laba. =) i look so gay! =) and, what’s with the mini-tree beside me. =)

and, spice girls songs were like the main thing in our cheering. =)

**DPWH man au ko diri oy. department of high waist.