gym talks

i’m not going to talk much about my weight improvement and such because there’s not really much improvement. if you see me, i don’t look like i’ve been sweating out in gym because i’m still the same old sexy fat. =) no. make it obese. =)

* honestly, i’m bored to death going to the gym. if only i had not paid already for 6 months, i had quit a long time ago.
* tenchu to the cuties here and there, it somehow erases the boredom a bit (me liar). plus with the summer vacation, you can see lots of may-mga-gatas-pa-sa-labi(e) hs/college boys.
* i’ve been reading gay blogs lately, i can not help but think if these cutee iron-pumping boys are really boys. when i saw two male buddies helping each other, it made me think if they are couple or not. if i see a very neat guy with nice muscles, straight-acting gay or closeted?  i’m not only exercising my body, but also my gaydar.
* i saw 2 ‘celebrities’ in the gym. john hall and budoy. i think john hall is a member here because i see him on a regular basis. budoy was having some pictorial for the 2big bottled water.
* i’m no good at small talks so until now i have not make any friends at the gym. this made me think if i’m snob, unfriendly, or people simply just not like me to be their friends. =)
* looking at the timer of those cardio machines makes me want to puke already. and also watching mtb, mtv, and myx does not help.
* to break this boredom, i brought some hiphop songs with me yesterday (wa’y mo react), and it did wonders. it definitely is a good distraction. it keeps me from not always looking at the timer. =)
* korean invasion. it’s like 3/5 in the gym are koreans. and, shyet, i’m envious at their being slim! it makes me think God can be unfair.
* i tried all the cardio machines in the gym. =)
* i’m taking weights exercises seriously lately. i’m thinking, if i can’t get to lose those fats, then maybe i can turn them into muscles instead. (correct me if i’m wrong with my thinking.)
* i think i do well and fine on the exercise side. what i need is to be more food conscious. but any kind of dieting will not work on me because i looooove to eat, hungry or not. so it’s not really about dieting but more of how to hate eating. =) anorexia nervosa, come rescue me! =)

so next time, you’ll see me or not, either i’m still sexy obese or a muscle mary. =)