getting connected

last friday afternoon, i went to ayala to pay some obligasyones. while i was there, i met some friends, familiar faces.

an a. – she mentioned
that this coming september, our batch will have reunion daw. the
thought of meeting them all again is exciting but i don’t feel ready for them to see me in my ‘stuck’ state.

mr. nellas –
he’s my home tech teacher way back in hs. i best remembered him as
accidentally nayab-an og pintal ni aileen. he was standing in the
parking area across table 7(?). he still looks the same, like 9 years
ago. those mischievous smile. he was waiting for mrs nellas, my
filipino teacher then also, who’s inside citibank. he updated me with
what happen to my hs teachers — the teachers who are now teaching in US, those who are going to retire, and such.

b. – my classmate in elementary. she was with her new boyfriend – looks
younger than her and is a looker. she looked kinda different now.

bayot – my boardmate, classmate in college. i texted her to meet me at
ayala. it’s been a long time since we last saw each other. what’s new with her is that she almost got a boylet but… secret…

adrian c (sta barbara) – saw him with his mom at bigbys. his mom still looks the same. i did not get to chika with him much because his mom is around. i can never forget this guy because he’s my seatmate back in 2nd year.

joy m – it’s not unusual to see her at bo’s. =)

multiplier – i saw a girl multiplier. she’s not in my network but i do read her posts. =)

lots of familiar faces in a day. must be because it’s friday. =)