writer wanted

A friend of mine have been pissing me for weeks to help her write, spin articles. Unfortunately, my writing skill is limited to ‘thank you for contacting … blahblahblah… Should you have other concerns, feel free to contact us….’ or writing essay answers to some college exams. I guess it would be more of help if I just don’t help her at all. So I promised her instead to help her find a writer. I mean true writer who knows grammar and such. (too many help words already)

I know I have contacts here that are into writing so I posted this for the entire world instead of messaging you one by one. Attention Melanie P, and Ashley, Libeth, Adrian C (i know you talk a lot but do you write? kidding), Floyd (but you’re in manila), Keith, and those I failed to mention, if you’re interested or you know someone who is interested, pwetty please message me or whatever. Then, I’ll give you my friend’s contact information. This is legit and will be a work-at-home stuff.

how i wish i have some good writing skills!