tax tax taxic

is there some seminar on how to process ITR (Income Tax Return)? i badddlllyyyy need it.

one of the requirements that we need to submit to BIR is ‘occupational tax’ so that we can have an ITR which we can then use to loan. they said i can get it from the ‘munisipyo.’ yesterday afternoon, i went to ‘munisipyo’ just right across where we live to get that occupational tax. but they said, they don’t have that kind of tax. they said that i might be referring to professional tax. so i explained to them that that’s what the BIR staff specifically put in the list of requirements.

so i called BIR office to check what’s other name for occupational tax. the first person who answered me said she does not know what tax is that so she gave me another number to call. thankfully, the next staff knew what is occupational tax. so i explained to him that our munisipyo does not know what is occupational tax blahblahblah… so he told me to get professional tax (PTR) instead.

so i went back to the munisipyo, and declare to them that i’d get a PTR. they then think i don’t qualify for PTR. so they ask me questions what is my work blahblah. they then concluded that what i should get is a community tax/cedula/residence tax. i tried to explain to them that that’s what the BIR staff told me to get.

ending, i did not get any thing. =) they’ll not issue any tax to me until i clarify with the main BIR office about what tax should i get. i’m not blaming the government offices for this. i take full responsibility for what happen — ignorance of the law excuses no one. but i hope they’d try to be more helpful to some stupid a*s like me. after all, i’m trying to be an honest citizen and give money to our government which they can use this election. =)

hey citizens of the beloved philippains, any help you can give to your fellow kababayan will be greatly appreciated. =) i might get better help from you than going to BIR. =)