on ym/im, i use
=) – smile
=))) – super smile
=( – sad

instead of

i did not realize my chatmates (all my workmates) would notice my smiley habit and make a mini deal about it. all of them asked me if i don’t like smileys (the built-in smileys of ym). honestly, it did not occur to me that i’m not much fond of until they pointed it out to me.

my reasons of not using those built-in smileys:
*i’m too lazy to drag my mouse and select the smiley i want (there’s just too many options) — this is my main reason
*i find the =), =))), =( cuter

they then find me as a deep and serious person. wowww! they find lazy person as deep. =) i tried to defend/reason out that it’s not what they think but they somehow interpret it the other way around.

ending is that they don’t use those built-in smileys when they’re chatting with me. before, the chat window will be filled with those colorful smileys from them. and, i asked them why they stopped, they said that i might not like it. again, i tried to defend/reason that i do like the built-in smileys, it’s just that i don’t like using them because i’m lazy. but they’re not convinced.

it’s funny how some people sums you up based on trivial stuffs. =))) i plead guilty to that.

me, deep?!? =)