Lately we’ve been talking about getting a house of our own. We’ll be 3 years as married unit this year so somehow we need to go on that direction. Though, I really have no problem renting forever; I’d been living on a boardinghouse for more than 10 years. But it’s society’s norm — you’re expected to have your own house. Also, with 2++ kids, the place has not much space.

We don’t have any savings so the only way we could have that house is via housing loan. I mean we can’t wait for that savings to happen because it might not happen. =) Housing loans by banks is expensive they said so. So we’ll go the PAG-IBIG route.

So I went to PAG-IBIG Mandaue branch to inquire how to go about it. Anyway, aside from reactivating our membership, I got this list of requirements which I can’t make much out of. Basically, just any other kind of loans, the requirements are mostly to prove you’re capacity to pay. One is ITR. Both of us now not working in a typical company, I just have not much idea how to get that ITR. They won’t accept bank statements as a main proof that we can pay though there’s not really much in our bank statement. I can really sense the staff who assisted was me giving me the
can-you-really-pay look but I don’t blame her because it somehow is the truth. =)

Anyhoo, me thinking about it, paying the PAG-IBIG housing loan is not only interest and principal but also the TAX. And, to get a bigger loan, you need to declare a bigger income. Tax is like 10% of your income, right?

Please don’t report us as tax evaders. I do pay those rVAT/eVAT/VATever religously! =) Remember I buy 3 cans of milk a week — see I’m paying tax on a weekly/daily basis. =)

So BIR here I come. I really not much like going to that office, I can’t remember a good experience with them, but I need to — I’m no Gretchen Barreto.

Really, I still cannot believe I’m thinking about this kind of stuff. I find it too serious, it’s so not me. =)