reason # x*x* why you should not get married and have kids early! or maybe marry an insensitive male specie

mark just got home from his bohol trip with his friends/workmates. i tried not to feel jealous/envious/bitter/hate/bad about it. you know, the thought of me or us stuck here in lacion, cebu. i mean i’m happy for him because at least he starts to get adventurious but it would be better if he included us. but yeah i know, it would not be much fun if there are excess baggages. and, yes, this is the 2nd time he went on a trip leaving us behind, and there will be more.

one of his reasons why it is like that because the kids are too small. he has a point. (but i see lots of families with small kids travelling.) and it was an all-boys event. owkeis, he scored on that too.

every time he got back from his ‘adventure,’ he would then say, ‘we should go there with the kids because the place is child-friendly blahblahblahblah…’ F*CK pakshyet. of course, all resorts, i believe, are child-friendly! i’m still fuming with anger/hate/jealousy/bitterness/allthenegativityintheworld. but i don’t want to show it because i don’t want to spoil his happiness. mark is this very safe kid, living inside the shell all his life, and he just started to test the unknown waters so i’m trying to be supportive about it but how i wish he chose us to be his adventuremates. duh, BS! i mean i have the reason to feel bad about it, right?

i’m never ever gonna ask him for some litow adventure with the kids again. nanglood ko! I and my kids will have our time sooooooooon!!! we’re gonna have a real backpacking escapade minus HIM! watch out, mt. everest!