please don’t make me hate you, globe

our phone connection (globelines) was disconnected this afternoon. yes, we have 1 month overdue. but i thought it’s only after 2 unpaid months that they’ll disconnect your account (like VECO, MCWD). and, i have not received the 2nd bill yet… anyhoo, i called 171 and their reason is that the disconnection is automated so they have no control over that. while the csr in globelines SM office reason was that we exceeded our credit limit. i didn’t know we have credit limit. so i asked how much is our credit limit, and she said it’s P2,500. WHAT? our fixed monthly bill is P2,200 excluding VAT and whatever extra charges so basically our monthly average bill is P2500. it’s a bit illogical to only have a P2500 credit limit.

so i have no choice but be charged with P300 for reconnection. P300 is already big!  i understand that reconnection fee but i just don’t get why the P2500 credit limit!

i need some proof of income whatever to increase my credit limit (the account is under my name). now, where should i get one?!