Friendster and such

before i became a multiply fan, i was a friendster loyal. but nowadays, i rarely open my friendster account. maybe once a month, i visited it to check on my friends. it’s usually thru friendster i get to be updated about my friends, acquaintances. it’s thru friendster:

* i’d learn that such and such got hitched because of the wedding pictures posted on their account.
* such and such split with bf/gf because the status is single and you no longer see the boy/girl in the pictures posted.
* 2 people are in a rocky relationship because status is complicated
* such and such is now into a relationship or such and such has new bf/gf again because of the pictures
* such and such has now kid or kids because all the pictures posted are of their kids (like me)
* such and such is now working in abroad because of those pictures posing in some place that does not look like philippines
* such and such had vacation abroad or went to that resort (and, i’m greening with envy looking at their pics)
* such and such is now in a new company

such and such many surprises… =)