feb 8, 2006

been 1 year since i quit working from a real normal/typical company.
how time flies so fast!! i remember, i sort of tell myself and the
people that i’d have my life back after 2 years. because back then,
every time there’s some office/department outing, i always have an
excuse. working before made me non-existent at home, thus i make sure
every free time i had was spent at home or with kids thus no room for
outing whatsoever with officemates/friends. my always promise to them
was that after 2 years, once i have my life back, i’ll join every
outing they’ll have. but i quit even before i hit the 1 year…

what change within a year? i don’t know. maybe fatter. and, no more
office drama/chismis and some real big people to talk to. =)

from this… yagit

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