‘books are fun, books are great’ — barney song

1 down, 1 more to go. yesterday, i met up with yam to get the books. =) later, another meeting to get another set of books.

yes, i’m reviving my hobby of reading to keep my brain cells from dying. and, also i wanted my kids to be interested with books. so what better way but to be an obvious example.

my interest with books started with those romance novels before i even started grade school. i always saw my nanay having her free time on silhouette(sp?), mills and boons, and whatever romance novels. hehehe. it makes me wonder what she found in them that made her so hooked to it. i even begged her to teach me to read so i can read what she’s reading. but she’d say those are not for kids, and instead shoved fairytales and children’s encyclopedias full of pictures/illustrations to my face. but came grade 3, the time i started to fully grasp strings of english words, i would secretly stole my nanay’s romance novels and lock myself in a room to read them. hahaha. later on, i moved to my uncle’s wife thicker romance novels collection. she knew that my nanay does not want me to read those genre so she’d let me read her books in their room. =)

then, later later came those sweet valley twins. i only read sweet valley twins. i don’t like the sweet valley high. is there a college version of it too? then those nancy drew and hardy boys. there was some romance novels for high schools. i forgot how you call them. but never get to like them maybe because i was exposed to those hardcore romance novels already. hehehe =)

of course, my taste did improve later on. thank you to mdm reyes, mdm pinzon, mr montaño, ms rabago who sort of open my mind to the real literature. =) i mean i’m not really into those serious literary works but hey i know they exist! =)