First Choice

When I filled out the UPCAT form way back in high school, my first choice was BS Math ComSci. Math because I’m not good at it but I can survive it. ComSci because it was at that time that I started to get hook to the wonders of internet and thought it’s cool.

But college enrolment time came, I changed my mind and got myself into BM instead, the most sold out course in UP Cebu. Because I realized ComSci is not my thing as I was so bad with computer subject in high school. I think 4th year, we had Clipper and all I can remember now is Van Patiluna. Why BM? Because most of my highschool classmates/friends were there. Anyhow, I shifted to Psychology in 2nd year or 2nd sem 1st year because I felt BM is too crowded. Yay, my bases for my decisions were shallow. =(

Mark was Math ComSci then shifted to ComSci because he failed ‘higher’ math. Then, he dropped out.

Lesson of the story is my first choice was Math ComSci and Mark was Math ComSci. Math ComSci was really meant for me after all. =) I just hope he won’t drop out from me.

How about you, what’s your first choices?