i wanna be gretchen barreto

before having babies, i had no fashion sense. now with kids, i still have no fashion sense plus i’m now the epitome of LOSYANG — like mas japorms pa ang yaya sa akong mga babies. =) yes, i do get worried sometimes but what the heck there are no PTA meetings to attend yet. =) but all in all, i don’t care. i’m dedma queen. what matters most is i know my self and i’m comfy with being losyang.

it’s just funny though how some people would treat you base on your physical look. well, i can’t blame them, if i’d be in their place and encounter some losyang, i might also act the same way they do. as they say if you want to be respected, you have to at least give an effort to look good also. usual case is when i and mark would go to the bank, the guards would usually greet mark but not me. this happens a lot of times.

funny incidents because of my losyang fashion sense plus tangaon look:

* one time in Landbank, i deposited my mother’s pension check after cut-off time. the teller told me that she will not receive the check because it’s after cut-off time already. in my mind, i was like whatttt??? ignorant-looking lang ko but i’m not ignorante. so i told her that this is the first time a check was refused just because it’s after cut-off time. maybe she realized i’m not that stupid, she accepted the check and advice that i should have someone deposit the check so it’d deposited before cut-off time. hello? if naa lay lain modeposit, ngano mag hago2x man ko!!! ggrrrrr….

* i was looking on some sony digicams in ayala. then i asked the sales guy regarding payment modes. then he told me about 0% interest on credit cards blahblah. then he told me, you can ask a friend of yours who has a credit card to do the purchase for you then you just pay thru him. so i look like i can’t afford a credit card?!? why? what does a person with a credit card look like? i don’t qualify?

* another store in ayala, i asked if they have rechargeable batteries, so the sales guy pointed me to some brandless rechargeable batteries. so i asked him if they have other brands of rechargeable batteries, then he said yes then added, ‘pero mahalon ra ba to.’ huhhh??? i really look like i can’t afford. =) funny funny. you just said goodbye to some sales.

* in sm groceries, it’s my turn in the counter. i told the cashier that i’d be using the bpi debit card to pay. i dunno if this is their SOP but she asked me if she can check my account first so that we’ll have no problems. weird because that was my first time i was asked sthing like that. owkeis, in short she wanted to make sure that i can pay. yayyy!!! di diay ko katoohan?

there were still other many instances… but the latest is today, in gaisano ayala. igloo is having a 50% discount promo so i grabbed the chance to buy a cooler. i’m the kind of person who chooses the biggest size because i feel it’s more practical. so i asked the sales guy if he thinks the size i chose would fit in a car’s trunk. he nodded then asked me, ‘naa diay kay sakyanan, ma’am?’ i did not bother answering him, and try to busy myself examining the cooler. then he ask the question again and again like 5 times until i said yes to shut him off. ataya sad oy, unsa man diay tan-aw nya nako. bisan poor karon ka-afford na tawn og car oy. i did not answer him directly because his question some kinda puzzled me and i find it funny. why did he ask that kind of question? is owning a car prerequisite to owning a cooler?!? and, do i look someone so dirt poor who can’t even afford to pay a taxi for me and my cooler? =) i wanted so much to laugh out so loud at his face.

hayyy, i wanna be gretchen barreto — fashion, beauty, power, and money. people will kiss my feet. i will walk on red carpet glittering with all the precious gems. and would say i’m fine being called prima donna because it means acting like a queen (she said sthing like this plus she mentioned she thought, before, primadonna is like madonna… whatever.).