Christmas is around the corner so I must be all smiles but lately I find myself always pouting, mug-ot! Life’s a bitch!
* the tasks I dreaded and was trying to get away are thrown at me! major gggrrrr. just when christmas is days away, it’s when you get swamped with work. major bummer. i know i should be thankful, at least i have work to whine about but please let me be.
* my kids are over to the max hyperactive plus hardheaded — mother-killer combination. they’re everywhere. it’s so frustrating because I can’t do anything. (and, here i am multiplying) i can’t finish nor start any thing, every time i face the computer, meg starts shouting mama or someone will press the off button or one will shout barney or you’ll just hear some ‘bang’/crying in the background — there goes your train of thoughts! i’m really really considering giving them sleeping pills.
* major insensitive husband. i’d share the horror stories about the kids hoping to get some sympathy, and he would just say, ‘unsa may gamit sa imong pagka psych graduate.’ fine, thank you for the slap. honestly, i don’t remember any thing about my child psychology class nor any thing about psych at all. all i can remember was all theories of freud are about sex, or i think all psych theories are about sex, and about pavlov’s dog.
tell me what theory should i use how to stop a kid from demanding me to be beside her like every minute, when she sits down and play, i should do also. i should tag her along when i pee/poo/eat/drink.