A Whole New World

Last Friday, we went down to IT Park to see a friend. And, we’re like ‘wowwww!’ We passed a lot of times on IT Park but I have not really looked at it closely. The place looks super sosyal — it’s just so not Cebu. I mean not the usual Cebu I know of. We feel so out of place. Everything there just looks so posh — the people, the buildings with the restos, coffee shops, and whatnots. =) They say mura na daw Manila – well, I don’t know, I’ve never been to the business district of Manila.

If Id’ work there, feel nako mahurot ra ako sweldo kinaon sa mga kan-anan didto. =) Plus, people with cave-days fashion sense don’t have a place there. Like me! =)

Lately, except for the Koreans, I noticed that local people are dressed up na jud. It’s a good sign, I think. Though, I miss those days na mag laroy2x mi around Cebu, from Ayala (miss LFS) to Fuente to good old The Village (in IT park) in our slippers and ready-for-sleeping outfit and we’d never feel out of place. =) I think I’m stuck with the old Cebu. I need to move on — move to the mountains! =)