WANTED: Senior Web Developer

Distributed Website Corporation “DWC”, a US based consulting company, is in need of Senior Web Developer.

  • At least 3 years work experience with PHP used in web applications, as well as dynamic websites
  • Have worked with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Have used object-oriented methodologies, especially with PHP4
  • Familiar with MVC design pattern
  • Have used the Smarty templating engine
  • Have used and worked with Linux, Apache and mySQL (either as a Workstation or as a remote server)
  • Have used CVS (either command-line or WinCVS), Bugzilla
  • Have worked with open-source applications, as well as used open-source libraries in their work
  • Must
    know a bit of how the Internet works (seriously, must be able to tell
    at least how HTTP works and why a chicken can clog the HTTP proxy pipe,
    okay i just made that up)
  • Important,
    we are looking for somebody who can code from scratch (much preferred),
    and at the same time can hack existing code for bug fixes.

More information about the job position:

  • You will be working directly with DWC, and will be officially part of the company
  • This position will be working from your house in our Cebu office
  • The work schedule is flexible, typically from 9am to 12mn, M-F (yes, you’re free to work up to 18 hours a day)
  • You will be working with a few other
    Filipino developers, as well as Argentineans, Lithuanians and Americans
  • You will be paid per hour (on an agreed hourly-rate), based on your regular work schedule
  • You will be working with a small and agile team (4 developers); (you will be making a difference)
  • You
    will be working with all technical people, so no politicking from HR,
    Accounting, Sales, Marketing, PMs, ManCom, Jants — or whatever causes
    a big company to be crappy
  • You will be working with
    web applications, and not just dynamic contact us or links directory
    pages, that will be used by real customers (and not some intranet
    portal buried deep in some monolithic organization)

We will provide the following :

  • The latest workstation (dual-core, DDR2, SATA2, etc.) running Ubuntu, FC or CentOS — or whatever fits your style
  • A big table — seriously, a big boss style table; and a cozy chair (if aeron chairs are available locally, we would have those)
  • A local Linux server (with Apache, Lighttpd, PHP and mySQL)
  • Space in the office ref, a chance to brew your own coffee with the coffee maker
  • A shower room, and we have someone who cleans up the office everyday

are looking to hire somebody who can start real soon (within 2 weeks)
— maybe on a part-time basis at the start and can go full-time in a
short while. We will allow for a transition period and a bit of
learning curve with the existing system.

For those who are interested, or knows who are interested, please send the following:

  • An introductory e-mail about yourself, your background, and why/how you fit in the team
  • Your resume (PDF or TEXT or HTML) to jobs.ph@dwebsite.com
  • The best time for a YM chat, bet. 9am to 12mn — and please include your YM id
  • Please use ‘Senior Web Developer’ as the subject of your e-mail. 😉

So, what are you waiting for? Send in your resume, and join the team!