i’m too polite?!?

I got this note from my manager who is an Argentinian. This is her usual comment to how I reply to customers’ emails.

Hi rose, there is no need
for you to put this: “ Thank you very much….and Sincerely” it
is too polite and they don´t like it. Just “I hope this helps. If
you need further….. Best, Rose” will work. Thanks!! 😉

*They here refers to Americans.

This is like the nth time she told me I’m too polite, and I need to remove this and that phrases because they’re too polite. I did remove those ad libs that she wanted to be removed but

‘Thank you very much… Sincerely, Rose.’

I know Americans like straight-to-the-point, and don’t like ‘pakapins.’ But what’s wrong with those lines? Too polite? ‘Sincerely’ may sound old school and formal. But too polite? I don’t think so. As in napikon na jud ko.

For her information, I’ve been using those from my previous company which was also US based, owned by Americans, and caters to American clients. Actually, I got that practice from their — you know templated replies. And, it was never an issue.

Samot makapikon because there are other bigger issues which she can tackle but she’s ‘waisting’ (this is how she spelled waste =)) time fussing over my uber politeness.

Gawd, kalisod makig lalis ug ‘little knowledge.’ =) Hehehehe.. Pahungaw lang.