finally, we switch!

we finally find out the real culprit behind miguel’s constipation after 1 month of battle. can you imagine being cosntipated for 1 month? after putting him on a fruit (mostly papaya)/veggie diet (apples and bananas not allowed), he was still constipated. so we deduced, it must be the milk! so from enfapro, he is now on nan 2! his poopoo business is now back to normal – the typical soft-moisty poo! also good, because we are now on a lesser expensive milk formula (like P100 less). damn that feakin’ expensive enfapro milk for miguel’s constipation!

isn’t that great, more savings and better poo business! with the P100 less, i could buy a a pack of 12 large pampers baby dry disposable diaper. =) (by the way, where are the pack of 20+ large pampers dry? there’s less and less stock of pampers baby dry on grocery shelves these days.)

but it does me thinking, does formula really matters in child’s development? think about a constipated genius child? hehehhe