another thing that is bugging me

is credit card! i really don’t have a bit of interest with this but now i want to have one. before i think, credit card is no good because you might end up burried six feet underground with debt. i heard a lot of nightmare stories about their credit card bills. and i’m pretty much bad at handling finances thought i’m a spendthrift, i still have no savings (or it could be that i just don’t have money enough in the first place. hehehehe)

i want to have a credit card for the following reasons:
1. so i could shop online especially those colorful out-of-this-world toys and cute baby clothes and baby stuffs though philippine credit cards are sometimes denied by these online stores
2. so i could buy all the toys/clothes and just about any thing i fancy for my baby
actually, these are the main reasons why i want to have a credit card. i think they sound valid enough!

but it’s just too difficult to get one, i guess. with all the requirements and stuff. mostly, we don’t have a landline and i could not produce any proof of billing because the bills are not under my name.

for now, all i can say is forged aboud id!