Can I Ever Moved on from my 14-year relationship…

…with my SSS ID? These past days i’ve been tracing back our last moments, hoping that i would find you.

I went to rose pharmacy 4 times — it’s the last memory I have of you — but no lack!
I had the palawan pawnshop guard went thru all the IDS he kept.
banks staff were giving me “NO, we don’t have it” as answer.

These all mean that you’re definitely gone.

But i still cannot accept it.

it’s not the first time that i lost you.
My wallet was once snatched, thankfully it was found in some vacant bushy place of reclamation, back in the days when there were no buildings on that area.
I left you in tacloban on a roadtrip, but thankfully, you found your way back to me courtesy of the kind hotel staff.

So I’m still wishing that we will be guided back to each others’.

i so badly miss your face, my face in that ID, and all the snippets of life in it.

That ID was taken a week after i delivered my 1st baby.
I was c-sectioned thus I had to bring my body, still in pain, very early in the morning just so I could get a priority number in SSS lapulapu.
You were a requirement to get my SSS maternity benefit which was around worth 10K.

I don’t know how to explain my feelings remembering what we had to go through just so I could get my 10K maternity benefit.
I felt like we’re so innocent at that time. =)

And so despite how ugly AF I am/was in that ID, it totally means a lot to me.
I felt that my “tokhang” face in that ID captured what it was that moment.
Every time, I looked at it, I thought it was such a horrible moment but then I never felt it was horrible.
Hey, I just want to get my 10K for being sliced open to deliver a baby after nine months of lugging him inside me!

So please, give me back my SSS ID, my innocence!
I guess It’s so hard to move on from some thing that I probably no longer have.

#wheninBJc Day 2: <500M Radius from the Happenings

Oct. 23, 2018

The condo unit that we airbnb’ed was in a pretty interesting place. There was Tim Horton, Starbucks, Army Navy, Ministop, 711, and all sorts in the same building were staying. I was originally planning to go to SM Aura but I had every thing in less than 1000M radius.

So why bother!

First thing first, % Arabica. They only offer latte and black coffee. If you’re on the sweet side, the Spanish latte is a winner for me! The pour-over coffee has the right kicks!

Across this was 3 floors of Uniqlo. Like Chiz Escudero, I like Uniqlo and Heart Evangelista!

The building where Uniqlo’s located.

Another nearby… If you’re fond of running around in circles…

Ramen Nagi somewhere in less than 500M from us…

and so is Bonifacio High Street…

Ramen for lunch, some fusion sushi for dinner. I think this resto is called OOMA, a fusion Japanese restaurant aka Japanese food in Pinoy palate.

And, not a big Jamba Juice fan but because we’re in Manila, we just have to get Jamba Juice, right? Because I need to instagram it.

Not that they need it, but that was my economic contribution to BGC.

#wheninBJc Day 1: #feedgoals

Oct. 22, 2018

Lunch was at this diner near our airbnb. It was probably the most affordable in our area aka cheap that it was not so IG-worthy. I forgot to take a photo of the foods we order because it was not so #feedgoals.

But I guess the rest of the day was that every thing was IG-worthy when in BGC.

Paying tribute to a brand from Visayas, Kuppa. They started in Bacolod, one those Titas of Bacolod lair.

I walked around before going back to our place.

They have bus stop.

More grafitti…

Then, chanced upon % Arabica! =) I thought they’re just overrated but the coffee is really great!!!

Afternoon was spent… I’m really getting boring.

BGC feels is just…

I do feel bad Cyma is no longer in Cebu so I stuffed my face with it…

#wheninBJc Day 0

Oct. 21, 2018

Ang saya-saya ko lang na nakapunta ulit ako ng BGC kasi iyong 1st world na sa 3rd world. Medyo delayed iyong flight but owkei lang gusto ko rin mag mokmok sa airport. Kasi parang ang life is just one big delayed flight (ay medyo morbid ito!).

Sa sobrang excited ko nakatulog ako pagdating sa BGC. Nagising ng panihapon.

VIew from airbnb

Nagpunta kami sa Uptown Mall for panihapon.



At may Tim Hortons din doon, ang saya lang! Kaya kape kahit gabi para lang talaga maka Tim Hortons.

[Western Visayas 2018] Day 7: Guimaras to Ilo-ilo to Negros to Cebu in 1 Day

May 18, 2018. (This is quite a very late post. For some reason, wordpress mobile app no longer takes my photos because it said it’s above limit.)

It’s my birthday, and it was definitely a long day.

We started with a bit delayed boat ride to Ilo-ilo, which meant that we missed the early boat bound for Bacolod.

It was a bit of a good thing because we got to roam for awhile in Ilo-ilo.

We got Netong’s batchoy this time! =)

But it can get dragging so any thing to entertain our selves.

Troi Oi

It’s a Vietnamese restaurant in Ilo-ilo. We’re a big sucker for any thing Vietnamese food so we could not miss it.

Banh Xeo!!! I totally miss this since Phat Pho no longer serve it. =(

I was also closed to being not booked to the FastCat because there was just too many passengers. Thankfully I was able to reserve earlier.

All accommodations were booked so we had to be in Business Class.

When we landed in Bacolod, we just went straight driving to San Carlos City to yet ride another boat bound for Cebu.

And, everyone just conked out!

And, that Mcdo sign every time you landed on a port is becoming consistent.

[Western Visayas 2018] Day 6: Guimaras Manggahan Festival

May 17, 2018. (This is quite a very late post. For some reason, wordpress mobile app no longer takes my photos because it said it’s above limit.)

That much needed morning run in every place we’d go to. You can read more about it in my blogpost here >>.

Always the breakfast here should not be missed!

So this day was basically our last day of going around Guimaras as we’ll leave the island tomorrow, and start going back home to Cebu.

Olivia’s Kitchen and Island Brew / Isla Kusina

We had lunch at some fancy restaurant in Jordan, Guimaras. As I mentioned it was Manggahan Festival so there was really a bit of a crowd every where.

We then went to the bazaar area, in front of the Provincial Capitol to be in one with the festival.

This wine from local fruits  was really good!

We went to Guimaras’ Hampton. =)

It was an old mansion by someone rich and famous now preserved as a heritage place.

And, my birthday cake!!! THANKS A LOT!!!

[Western Visayas 2018] Day 5: Beach Life at Guimaras

May 16, 2018. (This is quite a very late post. For some reason, wordpress mobile app no longer takes my photos because it said it’s above limit.)

Breakfast at Quimsing’s be like… There’s just no shortage of fruits in Guimaras.

Alubihod Beach, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

It’s the most famous beach in Guimaras so expect every one is there! =)


SEAFDEC, Guimaras

We were lucky that we SEAFDEC was still open for public when we went there because the staff said that they’re going to close it by June for good from the public.

Off to the next destination…

We went inside a mini cave. 

Night cap sort of… This cassave cake made by Karla’s cousin was uber yum!!!

Late night card game…

[Western Visayas 2018] Day 4: Island Hopping From Bacolod to Guimaras

May 15, 2018. (This is quite a very late post. For some reason, wordpress mobile app no longer takes my photos because it said it’s above limit.)

We took a 530am boat trip to Ilo-ilo City via FastCat. We had a pretty colorful view along the way.

I got a lot of time hooking.

Hello, Ilo-ilo!

We went to La Paz Market for some authentic Ilo-ilo dining experience.

But Mark got too lazy to get to the Netong’s Batchoy place so we ended up with random “batchoy” place.

Madge Cafe


Then off to our second  boat ride, this time it’s for Guimaras Island.

Quimsing’s Rest House

Karla’s beach

I so love Karla’s family’s beach! Can we live here forever?

Guimara’s Windmill

Windmill Love

Game Plan

[Western Visayas 2018] Talisay & Bacolod City, Negros Day 3

May 14, 2018
(This is quite a very late post. For some reason, wordpress mobile app no longer takes my photos because it said it’s above limit.)

It was barangay election on this day. Aside that some establishments were late to open, there was not much election-related fuss going on.

Finally, we got a bit rested from the long trip, and every one felt a bit better from having coughs and allergies because of the summer heat so Mark and I got to get some jogging. Another thing I love most about Nature’s Village Resort in Talisay, Negros is that beside it is a (sugarcane) farm, where a morning or afternoon run would be nice to have.

Coffee Culture

Coffee scene in Bacolod is quite vibrant. We went to a roastery, Coffee Culture, and it was packed. So I just bought some coffee beans, and left.

Power Up Rock Outdoor Center

Migi always bring his climbing shoes when we go on trips just in case we’d chance upon a climbing gym. And, Bacolod has a pretty climbing gym.


This is probably one of Bacolod’s old coffee shop, and it does not disappoint. They also roast coffee beans, and I love it! =) And, it’s also filled with Titas of Bacolod.

Kuppa was just nearby the Power Up Rock Outdoor Center climbing gym that it made me really want to relocated to Bacolod already!


Finally, #kid3 got the “noodle” he wanted, ramen. =)

When the boys needed to wait for that someone stucked in a bookstore…

Booksale is always a stop for Meg.

[Western Visayas 2018] Talisay City / Silay, Negros Day 2

May 13, 2018
(This is quite a very late post. For some reason, wordpress mobile app no longer takes my photos because it said it’s above limit.)

Breakfast buffet at Nature’s Village Resort is something I look forward to.

Cafe 1925

Our aim for today was to go to mountain area of Silay City called Patag. But first we had lunch at Cafe 1925 in town center of Silay City.

And, off to a road trip up to Patag, Silay City.

Duyan Cafe

I was excited to go to this cafe in Patag, which looked so instgrammy in social media. And, that was there to it: instagrammy!

I thought there were a lot of “duyan” (hammock) in the cafe, but there was actually only one hammock for instagram purposes.

It definitely has all the aesthetics. If you don’t mind about other features like food and content, it’s a worthwhile stop.

The place is small so it can get crowded if it’s weekend or holidays.

After the Duyan Cafe stop, we continued with a bit of road trip in going home by taking another route. It was a worthwhile detour!

The thing I hate most about road trip is that I always felt bad why I’m sitting inside the car instead of trekking it or something. @.@

It was summer, and it was uncomfortably hot that we decided to take a down time back in the hotel.

We went to the Banago Wharf to get tickets in advance for our trip to Ilo-ilo then to Guimaras to meet with the Singson fambam in the following days.

365 Modern Cafe

Mateo proclaimed that this cafe gave him the best carbonara experience on this trip.