[Day 2 Biliran] MoronΒ 

(Shoot! I can no longer recall exact details of this trip but for “diary” sake, I’m just going to dump photos here.)

I sneaked in a quick trip to the public market early in the morning to tick off the “painitan” from my to-do list when visiting a place. But “painitan” is not a thing in Biliran. There was none in the public market, and the people would point me to a carenderia when I would ask for “painitan.” 

So I used the words “puto sikwate” (use this term instead if people don’t get “painitan”) to see if that would lead me somewhere. Indeed, i had luck. A woman in the market pointed me to go to a place outside of the market.

A few corners away from the public market, I spotted probably the “most humble” painitan I came across.

Along the way of roaming around, I chanced upon a store selling buko and “moron” (sticky rice mixed with chocolate / cocoa. Their local delicacy. Actually, moron is a local delicacy in Samar, leyte, Biliran area. It’s a telling that they have lots of cacao plants?), “palitao” (i dunno what’s the english term.) Buko juice, chocolate flavored carbs, and coconut drizzled palitao, I COULD NOT RESIST! So i indulge. This is probably Biliran’s painitan version.
Chitchatting with the people, Biliran feels so familiar. I mean the locals know Cebu very much. It’s probably their go-to city that you have something in common to start a conversation on. 

The rest of the day was dedicated for the falls, some beach, and drive-by coffee. 

But my MAIN agenda was testing my crocheted swimwear, which I just finished that day, so following photos can be NSFW. @.@ 

Mark wanted to go to Tinago Falls first. But I wanted to do some trekking. Tinago Falls was probably just 500meters or less from the highway so I insisted we do the Ulan-ulan Falls first because we’d just be basically riding our way to the Tinago Falls.

 Ulan-ulan Falls is along the route to the Tres Marias mountain peaks of Biliran. I forgot which was the most visited peak of the three mountains (Tres Marias) but anyhow, Ulan-ulan Falls is one of the falls along the route to one of the peaks of Tres Marias. 

The start of the trek to the Falls is around 5km from the main road. 

Then the trek to the Ulan-ulan falls is probably around 2-3km.
So Ulan-ulan falls is the first waterfall, then just a few stretches away is the Recoletos Falls. Then there are still few more up. The most popular go-to are the Ulan-ulan and Recoletos Falls.

Ulan-ulan Falls (photo below). It’s hard to take a dip / swim here because the current is quite strong. So people go up to…

Recoletos Falls (photo below)

I decided to go one more up to the next falls (3rd falls. I forgot the name.) because there are too many people in Recoletos for my “swimwear testing.” @.@

So we trekked up, then it’s where we got a bit lost. The annoying thin was that it was all uphill. We were probably already taking parts of the route to one of the Tres Marias peaks.

My “seriously-you-have-3-GPS-tracker-and-we-got-lost!!!” look at Mark.
After a few KM of not seeing any sign of yet another waterfalls, we decided backtrack, then we found the 3rd falls (mini falls). It’s path was all covered up with bushes and plants because it’s not really a go-to place that’s why we missed it. But it was just actually just right above yhe Recoletos Falls.


So I tested my crocheted swimwear… errrrr #fashionbloggerpose! @.@

I could just stay forever in this heaven-on-earth. 

We trek back from the falls around 2pm-ish. We went to Agta Beach Resort because I wanted to try my swimwear this time in a saltwater. But I had rivals, I chickened out. @.@ 

Coming from Cebu where we kind have decent beaches, Agta was kinda so-so. And there’s that sexy chick confidently beautiful in his 2-piece, the beach was too small for both of us. πŸ™‚

So we just decided to drive the other half of Biliran. This side of Biliran was pretty much has lesses activity / people. 

Then stop by for some coffee char, and ended this day, which i started with a “moron,”  with a “moron” again and “palitaw.”

Picture is Worth a Poles Apart

I’m making a blog post about these photos because these probably show how Mark & I are on the opposite ends of a pole. (Photos by Reynan Opada)

That’s why we could never be running alongside each other unless I want to be unhappy and keep up with him; or he’s injured, slow, and he’d use me as his scapegoat. πŸ™‚

[Day 1 Biliran] She said, He said

I was still on “The Affair” series during the trip. I was hooked to their “he said; she said” kind of storytelling. I’m chismosa, and so I’m always fascinated with that kind of thing.

We brought a car the whole trip; Mark was driving. I think this was our first with just the 2 of us. I don’t know if he wanted the road trip or he just wanted to level up his waze status. So that thought, it’s like “he said; she said.”

So let me try a “he said; she said.”

Driving. Mark asked me how would I handle driving on an unfamiliar place. Mark’s OC; he probably has 3 GPS devices with him on treks or road trips. He can’t go to a place or do any thing without any research, like a lot of research, that he probably already know the place in and out that we no longer need to go there.

If I’m going to be driving on/to a new place, I would probably realized that I’m going on the wrong direction after 50km. Ain’t I’m more fun to be with?!? πŸ™‚ 

So let me just do a #bloggerpose for that.

Then make you coffee on the road because #yolo like that.

And make tusok2x, etc.

And, I’d drive like this with one hand feeling the winds. #chos

[Day 0 Leyte-Biliran] Late Reaction

(I really wanna do a random daily summary update a trip just so I could have a memory of fresh first impressions / thoughts of a place but internet in Biliran is slow. So this is no longer that fresh like a late reaction.) 

A Workmate once commented why do I always have a delayed reaction. I really did not get quite what she meant by it. But anyhow, I guess I’m kinda like that “late reaction.”

Like this trip, I know it was planned since last year but it did not really sink in to me until we’re really going there. Somehow, it’s always like that. So I always like crammed up on things to do the day before a trip.

On this trip, I was still making my “swimwear” on the trip. Surprisingly, I hate being on a slow boat. But this time, I was happy to be on the slow boat as it gives me time to crochet my “beach wear.” 

We took the slow boat, Super Shuttle RORO (roll on roll off), in Polambato, Bogo for Palompon, Leyte. 

That was my first time to Leyte. It deserved a hot bingka freshly baked on the streetside somewhere up north of Cebu. πŸ™‚

We landed in Palompon, Leyte afternoon. As being my first landing, it deserved some food fest celebration.

We loaded on some caffeine before proceeding to Biliran, which I think took around 2-3 hours.

We went to Cafe Umberto which was probably the only cafe in Palompon Leyte that serves brewed coffee, where the staff were trying to be extra nice by pouring more water to your coffee so that either they want to save you from the bitter taste or they like the idea of serving you with a cupful of coffee. 

And twinning, our official first day of trip shirt. πŸ™‚
Leyte from the car window looks so green; that laid back kind of green. 

Hitch-hiking like this.

[Not a Book Review] Nothing to Envy

I just finished reading “Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick.” It’s my very first book that I finished this year, actually for some time. I’m so proud of myself. πŸ™‚

The last batch of books I had read we’re kind of gloomy; they’re all about sickness, dying, and death.

Then I pick up on crochet, and reading a book has totally not in the to-do list. Also, no book fancies me lately. I no longer have patience for fiction except for Crazy Rich Asians. @.@ 

Until someone commented if I’m not into reading books. I think the person was kind of worry that I spent so much time on “crochet,” and was just trying to be helpful by suggesting that maybe I could try reading books to kill time instead of hooking.

I was this tiniest felt “insulted.” Like really, you can tell me I’m ugly or my instagram posts are so vain but to suspect that I don’t like or don’t read books…. char!

So there, I updated my goodreads. 

If you’re following interviews and documentaries about North Korea, there’s nothing really much new from the book. Well, except for the part that “defactors” (North Koreans escapes) will pass through or may not get over the adjustment phase of being in a free world, which I wish the author wrote more about it in depth. When you come from a very strict structured country, then suddenly you got freedom, it can really be paralyzing, right? That would be something nice to read more about.

No. I have no fascination with North Korea. Though socialist & communist ideologies, but not on any deep level, kind of intrigue me thus I pick a book about this from time to time. So maybe this will be theme of my books-to-read this batch. 


Meg had been uber excited talking about this event for a month in advance: her friend’s going to have her birthday celebration in Ayala mall. She had tasked Mark already to bring her to and from the mall, her budget and such.

It was kinda surreal that this thing is happening — Them doing this “big people” kind of stuff. And, yes, that “mall stuff” is another thing but that’s for her to “understand.”

So there she was in my jeans and my shirt. She’s been using my shirts and jeans for some time now. @.@ I wish I were more fashionable and have “taste” but ohwell.

No one’s excited to #squadgoal with me.

It will be very few years, and she’ll probably not needing a papa or a mama to  bring her to whatever destination she’ll be uber excited to go.

Well, the boys, they’ll be most probably be happy to just be at home with videogames. 

Entrance Exam Season

Every time Mati would randomly ask his sibling about what’s their dream job, Meg’s default answer is “author” while Migi is “building glass cleaner” (because of his “love” for wall climbing probably).

As much as I wanted to be so open-minded, embrace my kids’ whateverness, deep inside there’s that “scientist or astronaut” wish for your kid. So I always feel that maybe Migi is just joking or maybe change his mind.

But Migi’s high school / grade 7 entrance exams results / ordeal is saying that I should be taking more seriously his “building glass cleaner” dream.

He did not get in to the list of PISAY. He is not in top 10% of graduating class to even fill out Sci-High’s application form, and he’s too “middle class” for UP High.

I know that part of not judging a kid on some grades etc churvalo.

So there, I might have to start looking at having a “building magnate” for the first child instead of an astronaut.

On to greater heights with you bebeboy.

Waiting in Vainness

A friend gave me a wonderful “healing charm” bracelet for Christmas. It made me think if I’m still in pain, grieving, or unwell? 

It was my mother’s 1st death anniversary last Jan. 17. Sometimes, I wonder if I did not grieve enough, felt sad enough over her death.

When emotional issues like this comes up, I crochet. I crochet so my mind will not be idle, and no emo thoughts would get in. I hook and hook and hook and hook and hook.

I started crocheting when I was watching my mother in her last days; while we were waiting for her “rebirth.”

And, now she’s gone, I’m crocheting to put death to thoughts I don’t want to entertain; while (yet another) waiting. 

I felt like Life is a one big waiting. In between is a series of waiting. I won’t preach about making the most of waiting blahblah because at the end of it, seriously, no one will hold it against on how you make it so lame or good except for the memorial company who will ask photos of you for a slideshow presentation. Of course, you want to give photos of #yolo and happiness to St. Peter memorial. 

Ate Mona/Elsie and few friends have been asking why I’m givinng away all the things I crocheted. Well, it serves its purpose already. I made them to fill in the gaps of waiting. And, I honestly, I don’t really want to see the finished stuff I made after. I dunno if I find them ugly or I hate to be attached. 

But not these latest 2 finished items:

I don’t like making table runners and motifs but they actually turn out cute. πŸ™‚

Who wore it better: the table or me?!?

(Finally, I got a photographer. But a photographer does not necessarily means it makes me look more beautiful.)

I got this yarn for free from a raffle by Ashley’s Crochet. I’m not a violet/purple person so this yarn color was not something I was excited about. But it’s perfect for this cousin-in-law who loves purple. She was messaging me about making her some thing so receiving the yarn was the perfect timing.

Anyhow, I love how the color gradient turned out. I also love the feel of it; and most of all, I love how I make it look pretty.

(Panuhot lang po iyan.)

I so want to keep it.But I can wait.On to the next “waiting.”

OOTD: cropped top by i

Lippy from @keihlasmom travel loot

Shades from Color Me Run

Yarn Therapy

So I quit my job, and went yarn hoarding. Not really! My yarn numbers are not that massive. 

This batch arrives today from Baguio. I love the acrylic yarns (indophil & lanalon)  from Baguio. You can check Baguioyarns.com for solid colors of acrylics.

These ones are lanalon. Compared to indophil, Lanalon looks and feels rough at first, but it gets fluffy as you use it. 

If you want those color mixes, you can check Baguio Yarns by Miss Crochet A Lot, and Ashley’s Crochet. There are a lot of other sellers but these 3 from Baguio are whom I have experience. And, they’re very super fast and professional. 

The cotton yarns from Baguio is something I kinda have a love-and-hate but I do have a few cakes of them.

So that’s why I tried dying my own cotton yarns. It’s very hard to find the “thicker” type (worsted) of ply-ed cotton yarns. There are a lot of imported but they are quite expensive.

The cotton we used mostly here locally are the “threads.” They’re just slightly bigger than the thread we used for sewing.

I’d been avoiding using them because I find awkward to hold the tiny hook for the tiny thread. And, because it’s tiny, the project may also take more time to finish. 

But I’m loving the feel of it.

And, also thanks to friends who donated yarns to me! The latest fancy yarns from Boyeng from JPN. @.@