#032: attempt at summer activity

I dunno if it’s my age-ing or because of traffic that I get lazy sending kids to summer clinics. I used to go around bringing each one of them to their own summer chuchu (though #kid3 always ends up being bundled w/ either kid 1 or 2) but these days, gaaahhhh!!!

Anyhow, I’m feeling guilty so I finally dragged myself to get kids 1-3 out the house into the city for some summer-ish activity; though why should I feel guilty? I think I end up perfectly fine without those summer clinic chuchu. But of course, I got a big playground back in Badian during my childhood.


I haven’t blogged about Cebu like “dear diary” kind of like it’s 2004.

I went downtown in Manalili, which I frequent lately because I need to buy yarn supplies for the yarn bombing, which I felt like I’m no near having enough granny squares.

We had lunch at Cyma after a long time. I love Cyma but I can hardly recommend it to visiting friends because it’s not really a Cebu brand.

Then, I’m so happy to find that Micky’s still exist. I thought they’re gone. They just actually move to a new place. But I miss their old interiors. And, honestly, I’m not sure if coffee and food tastes are maintained. But I’m just happy to seem they’re still alive! 🙂