Facial Care > Vaginal Care

During get-together of my college friends last December, 2 of them just came from a derma clinic. Both of them got some facial treatment because, they said, it was discounted. The facial treatment was P2800 instead of P3800.

One of them also got a brazilian wax but she was feeling off because the derma staff gave her the pricier kind of waxing without informing her. What she wanted to get was the P600 wax, but the staff gave her a 2K wax. Big difference!

But it made me think that the “vaginal care” was still less expensive than the facial. But yeah, 2k is still kinda too much for your vagina, right?!? Unless it comes with a hot man. 😂

But then, what is really our priorities? Our FACE or VAGINA?!?

Definitely, I’d rather have a wrinkled dry face than a desert-dry vagina!