life lately

 nothing so fab about it

work it, girl
ooppsss… tone down a bit, girl, coz it looks “lood.”
reality is “kagidlay ang agi!”

this girl is ready to go down, get dirty for 15-sec of fame! =)

(photo credits to i-dunno. just saw these from a memory card.)

8:36 7/3/2014: un-iMovie

Started Working on Athletes talk 5 video. It’s been a long time that i had worked on videos, and so i was groping again on how to operate it. I hate video editing with capital P!!! 
Anyway, check some of athletes talk videos at youtube, just kindly search “runroo” 🙂

8:36 7/2/2014: hangers

Maayo pa ang hanger naay gamit.

I was thinking of unmade choices today. A friend shared a need for a math teacher or something in UP cebu. And i remember that my 1st choice i put in my UPCAT application form was BS Math Computer science. It was those time that internet became publicly available in cebu, i’m referring to p100/hr internet cafes thus i was interested wth comsciz
I’m confident with my math skills. But computer was a struggle to me in 4th year. So came college, i chickened out at math cs. I opted to tje most safe course — BM. Then shifted to BA psych after one sem because dr. Generalao or popularly called Ms G was / is an amazing natural science teacher!
I just wonder what would i be now if i sticked with math comp sci. Mark would probably be insecured with me if i became a programmer 🙂