no-fuss birthday boy

i just realized that monday is already mark’s birthday
when ate mona talked about going to ‘merkado’ and asked if she’d buy something for mark’s birthday this monday (ate mona memorizes all the birthdays of people and even celebrities)

mark is no big about celebrations
does not like gift-giving, and does not expected to be gifted
after like 10 years of hearing again and again his ‘gift-giving stand’
i can’t avoid but sometimes carry the same gift-giving/birthday celebrations outlook

anyhoo, i realized that this year, a lot of ‘5-year’ anniversary
5-year wedding anniversary
migi turned 5 years old which means 5 years of parenting
it’s also ate mona’s 5th year with us (she was w/us when migi came)
and, next month my multiply account will turn 5 years
looking back at the 5 years, i felt there were a lot of things that happen to us crammed in 5 years
just thinking of 3 kids in 5 years — craziest.

hoping to write something about mark and 5 years for his birthday